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Ensemble Ambrosius

Olli Virtaperko
Cello & Composition 

Veli Kujala

Eira Karlson

Eija Kankaanranta

Ere Lievonen

Susanne Kujala

Joni Leino
Percussion & Marimba

The story of the most unique approach to cross-over music began in 1995, as three early music students from Finland tried out playing some Frank Zappa’s music with baroque period instruments. What started as a merely one-time musical joke led soon to an ambitious laboratory of contemporary music, resulting the cd The Zappa Album (2000), an unheard combination of Baroque and rock.

Selected as “The Record of Year 2001” by the Belgian Broadcasting Company and “The Record of Month 1/2000” by The Observer, London, The Zappa Album brought a exceptional contribution to the musical heritage of Frank Zappa. Since that the ensemble has widen its repertoire to the direction of ethno-jazz-oriented material and contemporary classical music. Ensemble Ambrosius is based in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to regular domestic performances, Ensemble Ambrosius has given concerts in Great Britain (2002), Sweden (2003,2004, 2005), Belgium (2004) Russia (2007) and Germany (2010).

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