New CD Soabbegealdinoaivi to be released on February 2017

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”In 2005 Ensemble Ambrosius had a rare opportunity to make a week-long tour across Västernorrland County, the north of Sweden. To create an opportunity to have a tour – a series of consecutive concerts – is a rare priviledge for any band/musician. The further you are from ”the mainstream” the more difficult it is to financially organize a tour. Luckily we had this chance in 2005 and touring with EA once again proved that in order to achieve sustainable musical results it is crucial to have a chance to perform the repertoire repeatedly. Multiple performances contribute greatly to the development of the ensemble, as well as raise the individual compositions to a totally new level both artistically and technically and that was what happened for the 2005 edition of Ensemble Ambrosius during the extensive rehearsal period and eventual touring. With this record I'm very pleased finally to be able to share the fruits of our exquisite little tour of 2005 with our devoted listeners – in a musically satisfying way.

As I'm writing this, the cd is on press and we expect to get it by our two concerts in Kaustinen and Pietarsaari, February 3-4. I'll inform the availability of the cd in the following week – meanwhile, here's a little sample of the music:

- January 25 Olli Virtaperko

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