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Ensemble Ambrosius: The Zappa Album

The Zappa Album is the first record of Ensemble Ambrosius. Approved by Gail Zappa, The Zappa Album is one of the few Zappa cover recordings produced in co-operation with The Zappa Family Trust. The Zappa Album was the best-seller of BIS Records in 2000 and acclaimed by both Zappa fans and music press all over the world. > Read more


Ensemble Ambrosius: Metrix

Metrix is a second release of Ensemble Ambrosius and the worthy successor to the group's debut cd, The Zappa Album. Consisting of new music by Ambrosians Olli Virtaperko & Jonte Knif, the elements of classical music, jazz and rock blend smoothily together in eight fresh compositions, performed with verve and vigour. > Read more


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